Saturday, December 10, 2011

Product Review: WRMK Albums!

I reviewed albums by WRMK in 2008 when I was PR and Promotions  director at Scrapbooker's Club House. I am happy to say that the product is still as good now as it was then. These are the ONLY type of albums that I use here. We have MANY of them and plan to buy more.

Here is a link to the article/review:

 Thanks for reading! ~ Ali

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So excited!!

Yesterday I had the absolutely wunnerful duty of announcing the NEW Sketches: Creatively Yours Design Team! Go check it out! 

Now here is where I get bossy, LOL! Read thru to the end for a special announceent that you, as a scrapbooker, altered item artist OR cardmaker,  will NOT want to miss.  Go, Go, Go! 


Big ((HUGZ))-Ali 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My tutorials Nov 2009-Nov 2010

I have a goal of  teaching 20 online Tutorials per year.
Here is where I will keep track:

1. Using Seed Beads in your scrapbooking - SNS Blog Aug 15, 2010

2. Easy Scallop-Circle Flowers- SNS Blog June 15, 2010

3. How to Make "Scruffy Posies" - SNS Blog May 15, 2010

4. Scrappy Flowers from Patterned paper!- Scrap n Share Blog- April 29, 2010

5. Decorating a Kraft bag: transform into a Victorian Gift Bag- Dec 5, 2009

6. Decorating a Kraft bag: transform into a Boho style Gift Bag- Dec 5, 2009

7. How to make fun Egg Carton Flowers!- Dec 5, 2009

These are a combined tutorial, but for 3 different items.

8. How to make Big Fun Flowers out of a Baby's Sun Hat!- Feb 4, 2010

9. Asian Beauty Vase (A Basic chat on how-to)- Feb 14, 2010

10. Dual Use Card Caddy- Nov 14, 2009 This is the link t the blog. I cannot get the actual link to work so go to  the Blog thru this link, scroll down, hit "OLDER POSTS" and when that comes up,  scroll down to reach the FIRST post ever on that Blog. There is the Dual-Use Card Caddy Tut! TY!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scrappy Flowers from Patterned Paper!

I recently used the reverse of some older Piggy Tales patterned paper from the "Gretel" collection... because it was a solid colour that I needed.

The patterned side had flowers in pastel shades all over it- very pretty... and just too pretty to non-chalantly throw in the scrap bin. Since I was actually MAKING a project that was pastel-coloured (unusual for me!)...

1. I decided to cut out the flowers and see where that led!

2. I cut out some pretty flowers....

3. And a few more... you'll notice that I didn't avoid the "partial" flowers that were nearer the edge of the patterned paper...

4. Then I layered them, using 3M Scotch Scrapbooker's Glue.

5.  Here is what I did with the "partial" flowers that were nearer the edge of the patterned paper... I fit  2 of them together and "repaired" them with 3M Scrapbooker's glue.

A] Here is one:


B] And here is another:

6. I then added brad or button centre to the flowers, plus some tiny leaves cut from flowers purchased at the Dollar Store. Here is a cluster of flowers made from both "repaired" and as-is flowers:

7. Here is a single flower created from 2 whole cut-out flower motifs.

8. And here is what I created with my pretty flowers. It's a layout for my Mom-in-law, Christine, for a very simple, small album I am creating for her, for Mother's Day. The album is about HER Mom's pretty China, which had to stay in Germany with another relative when Chris' Mom passed away in early 2009.


Hope you liked this little tutorial!

Next time you're tidying your scrap area & before you drop patterned floral paper scraps into your scraps bin, hesitate a moment and think: What can *I* create with those patterned paper floral motifs?

You may be surprised and thrilled with the result!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Asian Beauty Vase

I created this project for a Blog Hop at Creatively-Green, and am reposting it here for you all!

I am privileged to share with you today a project that embodies 3 things I really love:

1) Green crafting
2) Buttons and pearls
3) The Asian influences in decor items

I'm so excited to share this vase with you! I hope you like it.

1- A Febreeze container has been recycled into a vase (Peter, my DH trimmed the top portion off for me with his Exacto knife.) The leftover plastic was recycled and the pump discarded as per our province's recycling program.

2- All buttons are from my own collection: from a gift from my scrappy friend Helen H., old clothing & our secondhand store's button bin.

Note: Main adhesive to secure buttons to container was Elmer's Craft Bond. COVER work area WELL. Ventilate well. I rarely use this adhesive as it is in an aerosol can, but it was necessary for this project.

3- Hanging chain on pearl button was made of metal loops from discarded costume jewellery (ie: some dangly earrings that were WAY too long!)

4- Butterfly: from broken & discarded chinoise-style necklace.

5- Freshwater pearls: salvaged from broken formal necklace.

6- Sequins: not my "thing " but perfect here to camouflage edge of container. Were salvaged from a Dollar Store craft kit.

7- Curved chinoise-style black enamel-look decoration at top of vase is a barette, purchased from button bin (!) and saved for use in crafts...I think I paid 25 cents for it... Peter removed the clip portion for me with pliers. (TY again to Pete.)

8- To adhere the glass beads, iridscent shell-shaped sequins, freshwater pearls, and faux-pearl bead accents, I used ONE adhesive: Glossy Accents by Ranger. This also just added shine in any spot where it may have "shown." For this part of project, only ONE product was required to adhere multiple types of craft items. Convenient and FAST!

9- HUGE Mother of Pearl button: Guy's Frenchy's button bin- Wilmot, NS- adhered with a large Glue Dot. Butterfly also adhered with large glue dots.

10- Chain links were attached to pearl button, then a large Glue Dot was "wrapped" around the very last link of chain, which was "hidden" by affixing it between butterfly and large M-O-P button.

Thanks for looking, I really hope you like it!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to make Big Fun Flowers out of a Baby's Sun Hat!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this stop on the Create it-GREEN Valentine's "Repurpose with Love" Blog Hop!

If you came here by chance, why not go on back to the beginning of the Hop and follow it thru so you don't miss anything!? Here is the link. Happy hopping!

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Ali's Blog Hop Prize (random draw)
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It's a mini album I created all about doodling techniques and ideas for a class I taught! This mini album is 100% handmade, & super-sweet. It can be hung on your bulletin board for easy reference. HANDY!

I called that class on Doodling techniques "The Doodly- do's!" Good luck in the draw!

How to make Big Fun Flowers out of a Baby's Sun Hat!
Today, I have a fun little project for you. It's really easy and involves making some really pretty flowers out of..... a BABY'S SUN HAT!!!!!

Now, I forgot to take a photo of the actual sun hat that I used. It was black velour with machine stitching on the scallop-edged brim. It was shaped sort of like these 2 hats, with a pretty "shaped" brim. It would have fit a 12-18 month old child.

A] Baby sun hat with shaped brim~

B] Baby sun hat with ruffled brim~

I found the sun hat at a second hand shop and knew right away that somehow, it'd make GREAT flowers. The embroidery detail, as you can see, only made it more eye-catching.

So... I bought it- for crafts. I think I paid .50-$1.00 for it.
GREEN TIP: When looking for fabric items to repurpose or upcycle, Keep an eye out for details that would be hard for you to recreate at home. Things like the machine embroidery on the sun hat are beyond my capability, yet I knew they'd be gorgeous! Beadwork, sequined designs, ribbon embroidery, etc.... are all in the same category.
OK: Let's make pretty flowers out of a baby's old sun hat!!
Gather your Supplies:

A baby or child-sized sun hat with a brim that is shaped. Mine had a scalloped edge
thread: (1) to match hat and (1) to match your buttons.
sewing needle

scissors suitable for cutting fabric

2 large buttons to coordinate or contrast with the fabric on the hat's brim

(My buttons were 1 1/8" in diam.)

Step 1]
Cut the entire brim off the sun hat by cutting around the base of the cap portion of the hat. Then, cut the brim into two equal portions, because you will be making 2 flowers. Each piece will look like this:
Step 2]

Using a long piece of thread that matches the brim of the hat, (black or navy blue in this case) sew a "running stitch" about 1/2" from the raw edge, all the way along the brim.

Step 3]

Now, gently pull up the running stitch. This will "gather" the brim into a shape like that below.

Don't knot off and cut the thread yet!

Can you see the beginnings of a flower?

There is a flower in there! LOL
Step 4]

Match the two ends of the flower shape, by folding it as you see below, right sides together. Make the 2 edges even and then use the thread you have going to stitch the two ends together.

Now, I KNOW I said not to knot off the thread after gathering and before stitching this part. I find it easier to just keep going, but you may find it easier to knot off your gathered thread portion, then start afresh with a new thread when you complete the flower shape by joining the ends. This is your choice.

Step 5]

Once you have sewn the edges together, the underside of your flower shape will look like this:

Step 6]
The right side of your flower will look like this:

Notice that I have a button ready to accent the flower?
GREEN TIP: My big ruby-red buttons both came from the button bin at the second-hand shop!

Step 7]

Thread up a needle and knot a piece of thread that matches your big button.
GREEN TIP: The thread here is one of the leftover spools that my mom brings to me from her sewing business. She knows that this way, no end-of-spool bits of thread get wasted!

Step 8]

On the back, stitch the "circle" closed. This simply gives a "firmer" area for the button to be sewn to.

Poking your needle thru to the right side of the flower, sew on the button. Knot thread well. Snip thread close to knot.

Step 9]

Flip flower over.

Repeat steps 1-8 with other piece of hat brim.
Guess what?

Step 10]

Admire your handiwork!

GREEN TIP: You have created 2 beautiful flowers that you can use on scrapbook pages, as home decor (ie: embellish a pillow or a bulletin board), to top a gift, or to decorate an altered item!

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Oh-- before I forget....The special "Key word" for you to collect here at my blog stop is the word: "GO." (Hey, that's pretty funny! LOL)
Thanks for stopping by! Remember to Create it-GREEN and to always "Scrap and Share!"
Have a wunnerful time on our Blog Hop!